Our unique Forge & Flourish programs work to help you not only survive major life transitions and burn out, but thrive. In a crisis or just past a major life stressor? Choose our Navigating Life’s Storms, a 90 day program to transform you to the resilient, flourishing self you know you are. Not in crisis but know one will come eventually? Choose the GYST program to clear out your day-to-day working memory of all the unnecessary things so when a crisis strikes, you are mentally available. Have a group that needs work on burnout? Schedule group specific sessions to reframe and take joy again. Thinking about or getting a divorce? With special divorce certification training, in addition to resilience training, we can help with that too!



Your 90-day toolkit to find joy and thrive through life stressors and difficult transitions.

Navigating Life Storms will teach you to build resilience before, during, and after a significant life transition in just 90 days. The life transition may be divorce, a big move, a job loss, or even a new pet or baby! No transition is too small and every transition provides an opportunity to grow in resilience. Sessions focus on identifying, working through, and reframing the transition, all while building resilience to move forward and rewrite your story as the captain of your own ship. You can navigate the storm when everyday life gets turned upside down.

Adversity is a natural part of life, but we aren’t meant to be stuck in it. With Forge and Flourish, you will shift from a mindset of hopeless to hopeful, stagnant to thriving, and participant to leader.. You will finish this program with the tools to forge through major life transitions and flourish with hope to the future.

What’s included:

  • 8 One-on-one sessions within 90 days
  • Email availability on the weeks we do not meet in person
  • Evidence based ResilienceX © curriculum modified for your situation
  • A resilience workbook to keep and use during and between sessions


Lace Up Your Boots (GYST for divorce)

Lace Up Your Boots is a four-week program to help you get organized ahead of a divorce.

Straight up, divorce is hard. Maybe you haven’t thought about the paperwork that is involved yet. Perhaps you just don’t have your stuff together and need someone to talk you through the process. Maybe you don’t want a divorce but you know it’s coming. Lace Up Your Boots is a four-week program to help you get organized ahead of a divorce.

We will work to free up your day-to-day working memory and put all of that information into a binder. This is things like teacher’s names, school passwords or lunch codes, where bank accounts are, or the phone number of your favorite plumber — the things you keep in your mind but they flee under stress.

What’s included:

  • Four 45 minute divorce coaching sessions
  • A 100-page binder with necessary documents
  • Optional additional week to discuss custody wishes/goals


Thrive Group Workshops – Group Specific Resiliency Coaching

These workshops are perfect for young and mid-level professionals when life feels heavy and burnout feels imminent.

We provide targeted workshops for specific groups of professionals with like-minded concerns. For example, physicians may want to work on resiliency in the face of grief, lawyers may need to work on a work-life balance, small business owners may need to work on leadership skills, growth mindset, or even how to fight the holiday stress.

What’s included:

  • Initial survey to group to identify most common stressors
  • Quarterly sessions OR a 1 time ½ day session based on the group’s needs
  • Evidence based training to tackle common challenges and THRIVE
  • Targeted, science-based, resilience exercises


GYST – Get Your Stuff Together

Feel overwhelmed? Too much information in your brain? Want to be prepared for the inevitable stressful life event?

This 4 week package, complete with a 100 page workbook, will empower you to work through the  task of gathering important information, while also building your resiliency.

The GYST notebook for takes all the information that you try to keep in your head, or that your spouse keeps in his or her head, and puts it on paper. Decisions are always made best with information and the GYST provides a framework to ensure you have what you need. I will coach you in gathering data without being overwhelmed by emotion. The beauty of the GYST is that it frees your working memory to make more clear decisions in the midst of an emotional time. 

What’s included:

  • Four 45 minute 1-hour coaching sessions
  • A 100-page binder with necessary documents


Carry On

Divorce coaching for every step of the way.

Private, one-on-one sessions with a certified divorce coach, to address a specific issue in your divorce. This can be pre-divorce to explore what divorce might look like, during a divorce, or even how to carry on once you are divorced.

What you get:

  • 3 Month Specific Issue:
  • 3 x 50 Minute appointments
  • 3 emails regarding the specific issue
  • 6 Month- Up to 3 Issues:
  • 6 x 50 minute Appointments
  • 6 emails regarding the specific issue